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  • Dear friends,

    Welcome to my personal webpage. I specialize in intellectual property (IP) and have many years of experience. If you are interested in services connected with registration of IP items on the national and international level, IP protection, its legal audit, legal support in fighting counterfeit products, this website will benefit you.

    On the website there is a section «On-line enquiry for calculating the price of a trade mark registration», where you can immediately get the costs for the registration procedures interesting for you. In the section «Contacts» - through on-line form you can ask me a question and get qualified consulting service concerning IP.

    I hope sincerely that my website will be a source of useful information for you and our cooperation will last long.

    And remember: «If you want to own something, you must know how to protect it!»

    • Respectfully yours,
    • Inna Arifmetova,
    • Specialist in intellectual property